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The climate crisis confronts us with unprecedented problems and it challenges existing energy solutions in a radical way. Hydrogen as an energy source will play a key role in our efforts towards a global energy transition. The transformation of renewable electrical energy into easily storable and transportable chemical energy in a unique scale is enabled by hydrogen.

Hydrogen has the potential to solve our most challenging problem in the global energy transition: Overcoming the boundaries between energy production and energy usage, both temporarily and locally.


CellForm is a manufacturer of metallic bipolar flow plates for electrolysers and fuel cells. We developed an all new way to manufacture these metallic sheets  with the most sophisticated and advantageous design and shape. Our microstructure flow plates provide unique conditions in the stack for the best possible stack power and efficiency. We offer our customers an individual plate design for their hydrogen application.

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Super thin flow plates

CellForm enables a substrate thickness of down to 0.05 mm

Material is your choice

Stainless steel, titanium, aluminium - all pre- or post-coated


The basis for a hydrogen revolution are disruptive technical solutions. Electrolysis and fuel cell stacks are the heart of the transformation and the key between renewable electrical and chemical energy. As the core component of these stacks, bipolar plates are  responsible for various tasks. Most importantly, the design properties and the active pattern formed on the plates determine the performance and efficiency of the chemical reaction in the stack in a crucial way.


CellForm evolved out of three companies,  combining the know-how of forming, welding and press automation of many decades. Our experience manifests in a history of welding bipolar plates which goes way back to the beginning of the Mercedes-Benz NECAR series in 1994.

Based on more than 50 years of practice in tool development and metal manufacturing, our unique and patented forming strategy is putting us in a leading position within the industry regarding accuracy and filigree of welded bipolar plates.

Together with our experts for process automation, we are ready to take the hydrogen technology to new levels in terms of economic viability.

Design for High Performance

We defined an all-new way of building a forming tool. Not only did we question every single step of setting up a tool, but we also developed a new way of technical coordination and fine-tuning.

Product Example

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higher Efficiency

*compared to standard bipolar plates available on the market


Flow plates are the core of hydrogen production as well as fuel cell applications. One passenger vehicle alone requires 300 to 500 bipolar plates within the fuel cell stack in order to achieve a reasonable power output. Thus, the demand for bipolar plates on the market will be enormous – not only millions but billions of individual plates generate hydrogen in electrolysers and enable the electrochemical reaction in a fuel cell.

The scale up of hydrogen and therefore the transition towards climate friendly applications can only be achieved if this demand for bipolar plates can be met in terms of volume and price. Hence, from the beginning of our research activities, there was always one important premise: 

Minimal cycle time.

We developed a production process that allows us to form, weld and test bipolar plates in an industry leading time. Additionally, the production setup can be scaled up easily. Therefore, our series production not only enables flow plates with the best possible technical design but also with leading conditions when it comes to price and economic efficiency.

Our Journey

CellForm BPP Vektor


First bipolar plate production

Our Journey starts in 2016 where we produced our first metallic bipolar plate samples



Approval of our first patents

Two years after, we got our first patents for our unique forming strategy approved



Official founding of CellForm

After a few years of research and testing, CellForm opens its headquarter in Baienfurt, Germany




In our first full business year, we won the prestigious Energy Globe Award for Germany



We will put you in the lead

By offering you exeptionally filigree bipolar plates we can pave your way for a sucessful hydrogen ramp up


Over the next few years, there will be various promising applications for fuel cell systems in stationary and mobile areas. At CellForm we are convinced that we can have an impact on the breakthrough of hydrogen technology.

About us

Simon Brugger

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Schöttle

Head of Operations

Tobias Heinz

Head of Sales

Markus Gebhardt

Head of Forming


Burning for hydrogen?

We are always looking for motivated talents who enrich our team. If you are passionate about innovative technology, take a look at our open postions.

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